Lead UI Designer

1.5 years

Shortly after the release of Guild Wars 2, I was promoted to manage the UI team at ArenaNet. I oversaw the design and implementation of significant new UI features for Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars 2 China, including major improvements to the new player experience. During my tenure as UI Lead, I championed for studio-wide adoption of UX best practices and workflow improvements, and worked closely with department leads to achieve consensus and forward movement on key usability and workflow initiatives.

Titles shipped: Guild Wars 2 China



UI Designer

3 years

I designed a wide range of UI, marketing, and web products for Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. I developed new visual language that became instrumental to solidifying the Guild Wars 2 brand identity. I provided creative support for pre-launch marketing initiatives that contributed significantly towards high first-year sales.

Titles shipped: Guild Wars 2



Freelance Graphic Designer

Ryan McIntyre Design
1 year

As the creative team at Better World Books was in the process of relocating to Atlanta, my wife accepted a job in Seattle, so we made the move and I began a whirlwind year of freelance design work with projects ranging from print to web to branding.

Clients: Omnicap Investment & Financial Services, Substance Marketing, Pictopia, Strand Bookstore, Tara Dhatu, Next Round Communications, Detour Destinations, Opportunity Fund, 764 Media, National Society of Collegiate Scholars



Graphic Designer

Better World Books
1 year

As the sole graphic designer for this online bookseller, I developed marketing assets and branding, and carried out a redesign of the online payment funnel UX to ultimately achieve a 30% increase in successful transactions.



Graphic Designer

Nixon Peabody
1 year

During my senior year of college, I worked 30 hours per week designing business collateral and production art for print advertising for this large international law firm. I developed a thorough understanding of production pipelines and workflows and honed my ability to operate effectively within a large, complex international organization.


  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Web Design
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Motion & Video
  • HTML5/CSS3/jQuery
  • Flash/AS3
  • Adobe Creative Suite

B.S. in Graphic Design

Northeastern University